CSSB Board Election Results

The election of employee representative to the CSSB took place this past fall with ballots counted over the last few days.
We are pleased to announce that Mr. Ray Erb, Mr. Jody Gillis, and Mr. Doug Troke have been elected to three-year terms effective January 1, 2020.

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Election of Employee Representatives in Progress

The Civil Service Superannuation Board (the Board) consists of nine members, four of which are elected to represent the employees in the plan.
The CSSB office is in the process of distributing ballot packages for this election to all eligible employees.

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2018 T4A’s are in the Mail

T4A's in respect of pension payments made in 2018 have been sent to Canada Post for mailing.
Your T4A will have been mailed to you if you are not registered for Online Services, or if you are registered for Online Services but you had not accessed your T4A at the time the forms were printed.  

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CSSF 2018 T4A’s are available on Online Services Accounts

T4A's in respect of pension payments made from the Civil Service Superannuation Fund in 2018 have been posted to members Online Services Accounts.
For members who are not registered for Online Services or who receive a pension from one of the other plans administered by the Board, T4A's will be mailed out by the end of February.

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CSSB Mail During Rotating Postal Strikes

The government’s Mail Distribution Agency (MDA) is continuing to operate its regular mail service during the rotating strikes by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.
As long as MDA is able to provide this service, the Board will continue to send outgoing mail as we always have. However, there may be delays in receiving correspondence if rotating strikes are affecting your area or due to backlogs created by the mail disruption.

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Upcoming Member Survey

The Civil Service Superannuation Board has engaged Prairie Research Associates (PRA Inc.)  to survey our members about their satisfaction with the services we provide.
This feedback is valuable to us and will help us understand what’s important to our members and where we need to improve.

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