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Online Services

CSSB Online Services provide an easy and secure way to access your pension and insurance information, both before and after retirements. Get the information you want, when you want it.

From time-to-time we may ask you to send a specific document to the CSSB. This can include:

  • Proof of birth,
  • Marriage certificate,
  • Retirement forms,
  • Termination forms,
  • Banking information, and
  • Any documents requested by the CSSB.

The CSSB Document Centre allows you to upload a scanned document and send it through our secure server to CSSB staff. Once uploaded, you can confirm the upload has been received by clicking on “Sent Documents” in your Document Centre.

Keeping your contact information up to date with the CSSB is important as not only does it ensure you receive pension plan statements and newsletters, it also ensures you receive any notifications of potential plan changes or payment information.

Information that can be updated through your CSSB Online Services profile includes:

  • spousal information,
  • home address,
  • phone number(s),
  • password,
  • email address (especially when you retire and no longer have access to your previous work email), and
  • document preferences (for retired members).

Whether you are an employee or a retired member, you will receive documents from time to time in your CSSB Document Centre.

Your Document Centre in the CSSB Online Services can be found in the top left corner of the screen. It is very similar to your email Inbox as it shows you if you have any documents available and if there are any new documents that you have not viewed or opened yet.

Any documents that you receive in your Document Centre from the CSSB will be in pdf format.

When a document is clicked on, depending on your computer settings, you will normally be given an option of Opening or Saving. That is up to you.

Once a document is opened, its status will change to Read and will remain in your Inbox until you decide to delete it.

To register, CLICK HERE to go to the CSSB Online Services registration page.

To view videos providing an overview of Online Services, CLICK HERE.

Online Services is an easy and secure way to access your pension and insurance information, both before and after retirement. Get the information you want, when you want it.

Advantages of Online Services

  • Faster service, usually when it suits you. Online Services gives members nearly 24 hour, 7 day a week access to current and much historical information.
  • Members who use Online Services can get much of the information they want without waiting until they can contact one of our staff. Rather than being limited to regular business hours or waiting for information to be mailed out, Online Services may help members get the information they want faster.
  • Pensioners, for example, could use their year to date information, available online at the end of the year, to prepare their tax returns. Even if a pensioner wants to wait until we post his or her T4A, it will be posted to the online account well before we’ve had a chance to print, package, and mail the paper copies – which may be mailed as late as the end of February.
  • Online Services is almost always available, except for approximately an hour each night when it is being updated, and very occasionally at other times if we have internet service or other issues.
  • Cost savings for the pension plan. Reducing administration costs increases the money left in the fund to pay pensions. Employees are generating thousands of pension estimates each year through Online Services, which reduces staff time and costs for paper, printer toner, envelopes, and postage.
  • Although there are setup costs for developing Online Services, we use our existing internal programs as a foundation, which helps keep setup and maintenance costs relatively low. In the long term, we are confident these costs are more than offset by cost savings.
  • Environmentally friendlier. You can use Online Services to send, receive and store most communications with our office. This reduces the use of letterhead, envelopes, postage, etc. When you want a paper document, you can either print it from your online account or ask that we send you a copy.
  • Although our priority is member service rather than environmental protection, we try to avoid unnecessary impact whenever reasonable and practicable.
  • A storage place for your pension information. Many people find they have more paper than they’d like. Online Services can be used as an archive for your communications with the board so that you’ll always know where to find your information.
  • Information available during a postal disruption. We’ve experienced a number of postal disruptions over the years that have resulted in members not being able to get timely information. Internet disruptions are more common, but also tend to be very brief, and don’t significantly impact timely delivery of communications.

All registered users:

  • Use your Document Centre to securely exchange (send and receive) documents with the CSSB.
  • Use the Edit my Profile feature to provide address and spouse/partner information.

Prior to retirement:

  • View and print your Annual Employee Pension Statements (available back to 2009).
  • Commencing with the December 31, 2013 Annual Statements, automatic distribution of paper copies will be discontinued. Annual Statements will be provided through our Online Services.
  • Run current estimates of pension and termination entitlements using your actual account information and the same calculator we use in office.
  • Get an estimate of the tax you can expect to be deducted from your pension amount.
  • See employee insurance information, including schedule of life insurance coverage and bi-weekly premiums, and dependents coverage.
  • View your account history, showing your pensionable service and earnings each year.
  • See current Money Purchase Account balances, if applicable, and run MPP annuity estimates once you’re age 55.
  • Register for a pre-retirement group seminar.
  • Fill out your retirement application online.

After retirement:

The CSSB offers Online Services to it’s membership, both active and retired. Registered retired members have access to a wide range of services, including:

  • Document Centre where documents can be exchanged between the CSSB and the member,
  • Retirement Insurance,
  • Year to Date information,
  • Account Information,
  • Payment History.
  • Charity History,
  • Income Tax Estimator,
  • ability to register and retrieve T4A and monthly pension statements online,
  • Pension payroll dates, and
  • ability to update their contact information using Edit My Profile.

Members are encouraged to register as notifications regarding available newsletters, Annual Reports, T4As, and monthly pension statements are only sent to registered members. It is also important to keep your contact information up-to-date as mailing addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses change.

  • Register for online documents, allowing you to view your pension payment history, monthly pension statements and year to date information, and retrieve your annual T4A forms.
  • See details of your pension from the “My Pension Account” screen.
  • View your schedule of life insurance coverage and premiums.
  • See a schedule of pension payroll dates.
  • View a history of your charitable donations to the All Charities Campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions – Online Services

No, any estimates run through the CSSB Online Services or by one of our Client Services Representatives is completely private and not shared with your employer by the CSSB.

We understand that some members do not have Internet access. Upon request, we will continue to mail information to you so please keep your home mailing address up to date with your employer and the CSSB.

A Registration Key is a secure CSSB identification code unique to you and is required when you sign up for Online Services. It can be obtained by contacting our office.

  • Go to the CSSB Online Services webpage
  • Click the link Forgot Password. You can only reset your password with this method if you use your email address to log in.
  • To reset your password, an email with a reset link will be sent to the Primary email address you have confirmed in your account. If you don’t receive an email with the reset link, please contact our office.

If you normally log in with a username that is not an email address, you must contact our office to have your password reset.

Your statement or any other requested documents will be delivered to your Document Centre Inbox. The Document Centre is located on the upper left side of the screen.

You can update your email anytime by logging into your Online Services account.

  • Log into your Online Services account
  • Click Edit My Profile
  • Click the tab Email Addresses. Update your email address.
  • After you update your new email address, a confirmation email will be sent to the new email you entered.
  • Open that email and click the link inside of the email to activate it.

The new email address will only be available for you to use once it has been activated. You may have multiple email addresses confirmed in your account. Emails from CSSB will be sent to the email address you have assigned as your Primary email address.