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Member services

Updating Your Online Services Profile

Keep your contact information up to date

Having your current contact details means we can get in touch with you quickly to resolve any issues, or to make sure you get important documents without delay. We don’t want you to miss out on anything important, such as your annual pension statement or news about changes to the pension plan.

Keep your contact information current using the Online Services – Edit My Profile feature. You can update:

  • spousal information,
  • home address,
  • phone number(s),
  • password,
  • email address(es) (especially when you retire or change jobs and no longer have access to your previous work email), and
  • document preferences (for retired members).

Make sure you’re ready for multi-factor authentication by adding at least one phone number (landline or cell) or checking that the phone number is correct. If you’re using a work email address to login, we recommend also adding a personal email address to your account. Choose a phone number and/or email that will be easily accessible to you in the future.