The government’s Mail Distribution Agency (MDA) is continuing to operate its regular mail service during the rotating strikes by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

As long as MDA is able to provide this service, the Board will continue to send outgoing mail as we always have. However, there may be delays in receiving correspondence if rotating strikes are affecting your area or due to backlogs created by the mail disruption.

If you are expecting mail from us and would prefer to have it sent to your Online Services Document Centre, or if you are expecting a cheque to be mailed and would prefer to make arrangements to pick it up, please contact our office at 204-946-3200, or toll free (within Canada) at 1-800-432-5134, or by emailing

Pension payments made by direct deposit would not be affected by a postal disruption.

The Board will continue to monitor the situation and will post updates if the situation changes.  

Please see the attached Postal Disruption Q & A for additional detail.


Q – What other methods can I use to send documents to CSSB, or get documents from them?

A – There are several alternatives available:

  • If you are registered for Online Services you can receive documents through your Document Centre, and can use the “Send us a Document” feature to upload documents and send them to the Board. If you are not yet registered for Online Services, you can register by going to and clicking on “Go to CSSB Online Services. You will be redirected to our online services website. Once there, select “Register Online” for further instructions.
  • Most documents can be exchanged via fax.
  • Some documents can be exchanged as attachments to email, but for security reasons we will not email anything containing personal information, and strongly recommend that you do not send personal information by email.
  • Documents can be delivered to us or picked up at our office at 1200-444 St Mary Avenue. We will not send documents by courier and will not make arrangements to do so, however you are free to make your own arrangements for a courier. We will require your written authorization to release documents to someone other than yourself, and will require identification when documents are picked up.
  • You may be able to use Interdepartmental mail.

Q – I get my monthly pension cheque mailed to me. Can I still sign up for direct deposit? When would the direct deposit take effect?

A – Yes, and we encourage you to do so. You would need to complete this form and send it back to us, preferably by fax or by uploading it to your online services Document Centre. For security reasons, we do not recommend sending the form to us by email.

Direct deposit instructions received in the first week of a month would generally be effective for that month’s pension deposit.  Instructions received after that time would likely be effective for the following month’s deposit.

Q – Can I have my termination benefits deposited electronically to my bank account or Locked in Retirement Account or Registered Retirement Savings Plan?

A – No, we are currently unable to process these payments electronically.