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Your Group Insurance

If you were insured on your retirement date and immediately commence your pension, Life insurance, and where applicable Dependents insurance, automatically continue at reduced amounts, and premiums would automatically be deducted from your pension.

You can elect to not pay premiums at retirement or anytime thereafter. If you make this election for Life Insurance, coverage would reduce to $6,000. If you make this election for Dependents Insurance, coverage would stop entirely. If you elect to stop paying premiums, you are not permitted to increase your insurance at a later date.

How Do I Change My Insurance Beneficiary?

To change your Group Insurance Beneficiary, please open the Beneficiary Designation form (M6697), print, complete and submit to the Board office.

When Do My Premiums Start From CSSB?

Premiums for retirement insurance will not be deducted while your pension is being paid on an estimate basis, but this delay in deductions does not affect your eligibility for insurance coverage.

Monthly premiums will be deducted from your pension once your pension has been finalized and your employer has confirmed your eligibility for insurance coverage. It takes approximately three to six months after retirement for the pension to be finalized. At that time there will be a one-time retroactive deduction for the period from the day your employee coverage ended, up to and including the current month, plus a deduction for pre-payment of the following month.