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Converting Your Insurance

Life Insurance Conversion

Employees who cease to be employed may convert the amount of insurance at termination, or any lesser amount if they so choose, to an individual policy within 60 days of termination. Conversion allows employees to continue insurance privately (at private rates) without providing evidence of insurability. For information on converting insurance or to apply for conversion, please contact Deborah Capek at 204-297-6224 or email

Life Insurance Waiver of Contributions

If a member ceases to be an employee due to ill health or injury or is in receipt of a disability pension, he or she may apply to have Life Insurance continued without making any further contributions. To be approved, the member must be totally and permanently disabled in the opinion of The Insurance Company and proof of continuing disability must be submitted as requested. If approved, Life Insurance will continue in force as if the member had remained employed until the earlier of recovery, death or age 65. A person who is on a “Waiver of Contributions” would be eligible for retirement insurance at age 65. Application for a “Waiver of Contributions” must be made within 365 days after a member ceases to be an employee. Employees would generally apply through the employer, and former employees would generally apply through the Board.