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Sign Up For CSSB’s Online Services

To sign up, CLICK HERE to go to the CSSB Online Services registration page.

Online Services is a personalized, centralized, and secure website that allows you to access your pension and insurance information quickly, easily, and reliably.

Make Your Life Easier

Receive your Annual Pension Statement online

Access your statement to see how the value of your pension grows with each year of service. Plus, all your future statements and documents will be accessible on the site.

Manage your contact information easily

It’s up to you to keep your contact information current. Online Services makes it easy. Change your address, phone, or email. There’s no need to call the CSSB or complete a form.

Register for employee pension and pre-retirement seminars

Effortlessly register for CSSB virtual or in person pre-retirement seminars and other educational sessions.

Securely send and receive documents

Use your Document Centre to securely send and receive documents with the CSSB.

View and print pension and tax statements.

Pensioners can access T4As, monthly pension statement, and their pension payment history.

Help You Prepare for Retirement

Calculate estimated retirement benefits

Get a pension estimate using your account data, see different retirement scenarios, and learn how a service purchase can increase your pension.

Complete the pension plan’s retirement forms online

Go to the “Build my Retirement” section and follow the steps for submitting your application and required documents.

Review your insurance information before it locks in at retirement

Check your life insurance coverage and bi-weekly premiums before your coverage level gets locked in at retirement.

Access MPP account information

MPP account holders can see current Money Purchase Account balances and run annuity estimates once age 55.


Your CSSB Online Services account is secured by your email and a password. It is your responsibility to choose a strong password and to keep it safe. Starting in 2024 it will also be protected by multi-factor authentication.

What is multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security process that uses more than one method to verify your identity. MFA makes your account more secure, making it harder for unauthorized people to access your personal information.

How does MFA work?

Imagine your regular password as the key to your online “home.” With MFA, we add a second key, which is a temporary code used for only that login attempt. This code is sent by text, phone call, or email and it’s needed along with your password to access your account.