In anticipation of a potential mail disruption, the government’s Mail Distribution Agency (MDA) has advised that their regular mail service will cease until further notice. As a result, the Board has to temporarily change how it deals with outgoing mail.

Until such time as there is an actual postal disruption, the Board expects to continue with business as usual, using regular postal services rather than MDA.

The Board recognizes that individuals who are expecting a printed cheque from our office will be particularly concerned about a mail disruption. Printed cheques would include termination benefits and monthly pension cheques for those who still have paper cheques mailed to them.

If a mail disruption has occurred or appears to be quite likely when a printed cheque is ready to be sent out, we will look at the alternatives available. These may include using the Province’s distribution centres, or holding cheques until the disruption has been resolved.

If you are expecting a cheque to be mailed and would prefer to make arrangements to pick it up, please contact our office at 204-946-3200, or toll free (within Canada) at 1-800-432-5134, or by emailing

Pension payments made by direct deposit will not be affected by a postal disruption.

The Board will continue to monitor the situation and will post updates as they become available.

Please see the attached Postal Disruption Q & A for additional detail.