Your 2023 CSSB T4A or NR4 is now available using our Online Services

Pensioners who use Online Services are generally able to access their tax slips earlier than those who receive them by mail, and can generate copies at their convenience. It’s as simple as signing into CSSB Online Services and going to your Inbox.

To obtain an electronic copy of your T4A or NR4:

  • Sign into CSSB Online Services.
  • Select Inbox (Document Centre) from the menu on the left.
  • Click the download icon beside the document listed in your inbox as: “T4A – 2023” or “NR4 – 2023”.
  • If the document doesn’t open automatically in a new window, check the folder in which you normally download documents on your computer or device.

If you obtain your T4A online before our mail out date in mid-February, the CSSB will not mail you a paper copy. Online T4A’s that have not been accessed by that time will be printed and mailed.

For members who are not registered for Online Services or who receive a pension from one of the other plans administered by the Board, T4A’s will be mailed out by the end of February.

If you have any questions regarding accessing your T4A, please email us at